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Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

If you're a keen player of retro games, then you'll be painfully aware of the fact that some old titles are incredibly expensive in their original form. A combination of scarcity, desirability and the rise of collectors has driven up the cost of many classic games, with a selection of titles fetching prices that run well into four digits.

For this reason, flashcarts have become a way of life for many seasoned retro gamers. Not only do they offer the convenience of having an entire system's library on a single cartridge, but they also allow you to play games that – unless you're particularly rich – are completely out of reach.

Of course, these wonder devices aren't universally beloved; flashcarts for systems like the 3DS were rightly frowned upon when the console was still an ongoing concern for Nintendo, and some people even take issue with using flashcarts with older systems, pointing out that such practice promotes piracy and copyright theft.

There's also the issue that some companies, like Sega, Nintendo and Sony, are actively pushing their retro games on systems like the SNES Classic Edition, Mega Drive Mini and PlayStation Classic – which means that flashcarts are essentially robbing these firms of money.

So, what side of the fence do you fall on? Do you make use of flashcarts, or do you feel they have a negative impact on the world of gaming? Perhaps you only use them to play fan-made games, translated ROMs or 'lost' titles, and still try to buy original games where possible?

Let us know by voting in the poll below, and if you fancy it, outline your reasons by posting a comment. We'd love to hear what you think.

Do you use a flashcart?