Analogue Pocket Toaplan Core
Image: Anton Gale

Two of Toaplan's '80s shmup hits are now playable on the Analogue Pocket, thanks to the efforts of Anton Gale.

1985's Tiger-Heli is historically significant because it was Toaplan's first-ever shooter and was rightly acclaimed at the time of release. Slap Fight (also known as ALCON) followed a year later and offered a unique power-up system which transformed the look of your craft.

You can grab the core which runs both of these games here, but we'd recommend you use an updater tool to handle the whole process (which includes the downloading of the relevant ROMs) instead.

Gale also has another of Toaplan's games, Get Star, running on the core, as it used the same arcade hardware:

Toaplan's been in the news a lot recently; Bitwave is bringing some of the defunct company's best titles to PC this year, while Blaze has just released a Toaplan-flavoured cartridge for its Evercade system.