Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Update #2 [Mon 23rd Jan, 2023 11:30 GMT]: Edia has announced the Telenet Shooting Collection will launch in Japan on June 8th, for the Nintendo Switch (as spotted by Gematsu).

The standard edition of the game will cost 7,480 yen, while a limited edition version of the game will be available for 16,280 yen. This limited edition version comes with a figure of the Storm Bringer ship from Psychic Storm (that you can view in the tweet below).

Update #1 [Tue 22nd Nov, 2022 10:00 GMT]: Edia has confirmed that it is launching a crowdfunding campaign for a Telenet-themed collection for Switch (and not a Gaiares reboot, as we originally suspected, see below), with the launch taking place after June 2023 in Japan (thanks, Gematsu).

The Telenet Shooting Collection will feature four ports of classic games originally released and developed by Telenet Japan. The titles included are:

  • Granada (November 1990, Genesis)
  • Avenger (1990, PC Engine)
  • Gaiares (1990, Genesis)
  • Psychic Storm (1992, PC Engine)

The crowdfunding campaign is seeking 3 million yen (about $21,000 USD) to fund development and marketing. It is not known if a physical release is also part of these plans.

Original Story [Sat 19th Nov, 2022 13:00 GMT]: Gaiares ranks as one of the best shooters on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, and it would seem that we're getting a revival soon.

A teaser site has just gone live via Edia, the same company behind the recent Valis collection. It states that a 'new project begins' and that more news is expected on November 22nd (that's next week, in case you were wondering).

The background for the site is based on the Japanese cover artwork for Gaiares. Originally released in 1990, the game was developed by Telenet Japan, with Renovation handling the North American distribution duties.