Ridge Racer 2
Image: Bandai Namco

Once upon a time, it didn't feel like a new console launch unless a Ridge Racer title was involved. Namco's arcade racing series was credited with giving the original PlayStation the initial exposure it needed, while the PlayStation 2 arrived alongside the stunning Ridge Racer V.

However, we've not had a new home console entry in this franchise since the divisive Ridge Racer Unbounded in 2012 (unless you count 2016's smartphone release Ridge Racer Draw & Drift, of course), and it would seem that Bandai Namco has put it out to pasture, despite repeated demands from fans for some kind of 'Ridge Racer HD Collection'.

If you're one of those fans, then we've got some good news for you. If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium, you can download the PSP title Ridge Racer 2 (thanks, Push Square).

This isn't a simple port, either; it is enhanced with "up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters", making it feel as close to a high-def Ridge Racer as you're likely to get right now. The HUD and UI haven't been upscaled, sadly, but everything else looks pin-sharp.

The critical thing here is the fact that Ridge Racer 2 is very much a 'greatest hits' of the entire series; it boasts tracks from multiple Ridge Racer games (18 of the included circuits are from previous titles in the franchise, including Rave Racer, which never came to any home console) as well as 62 fictional cars and even music from across the ages.

You can watch the game in action below.

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