Kid Icarus
Image: Nintendo

Kid Icarus arrived on the NES / Famicom over 35 years ago, and although the series has only enjoyed two sequels since then (something many fans consider to be somewhat criminal), it has established itself as one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises.

The NES original was released at a time when Nintendo dominated living rooms all over North America – but it was also a time when the company went to rather extreme lengths to "protect" the innocence of its young audience. Games were often changed or censored to remove troublesome images or references to smoking, alcohol and other "adult" products.

Nintendo's hardline stance on this makes the manual for Kid Icarus all the more puzzling because it contains a pair of boobs. Blue boobs, but boobs nonetheless.

According to the entry for the Syren enemy, "if Pit is caught unaware by her beautiful female form she'll attack with Pit with the steely claws on her feet." Charming!

Do you remember having a good old giggle at this part of the manual when you were younger and didn't know any better? Or perhaps those exposed cartoon breasts ruined your childhood? Let us know with a comment below.