Toki Lynx
Image: TAD

The run-and-gun platformer Toki (known as JuJu Densetsu in Japan) originally appeared in Japanese arcades back in 1989, before being ported to a large number of machines including the Commodore 64, Amiga, NES, and Sega Mega Drive. But what you might not know is that there was actually going to be a sequel, which was unfortunately cancelled when its original developer TAD went out of business in 1993.

The game's original programmer Akira Sakuma recently shared some images of the design docs for this Super Nintendo sequel online (as spotted by Gosokkyu), which was going to be called Juju 2 and would have been more of an action-puzzler than a typical run-and-gun. Though mostly in Japanese, these design docs give us a small glimpse at what could have been, featuring some hand-drawn illustrations and other details from its development.

In one image, we see an outline for a new ability that had the ape Toki using his spit powers to blow up a bubble, which could then be used in various ways. You could push it, for instance, or use it as a potential explosive. The other images, meanwhile, gave us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at an object map/data table, as well as a puzzle display plane, detailing how the game would have been assembled.

Just in case you need a quick refresher, the original Toki followed a tribesman that had been transformed into an ape and saw players set off on an adventure to defeat an evil witch doctor and rescue a kidnapped princess. Along the way, you could pick up special power-ups and items to aid you in your quest, which would unlock various new spitting abilities, an enhanced jump, and better protection against damage.

Sadly, despite receiving plenty of ports over the years, the game never got a proper sequel, with TAD closing before it ever got the chance to finish one. The source code was eventually sold to another company called Altron, which ended up releasing it under the title "Little Magic" on the Super Nintendo.

In 2018, the French developer Microids published a new enhanced remake of the original game on Nintendo Switch, followed by versions on other consoles. As it stands, this is the last official entry in the series.

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