Touki Denshou Angel Eyes
Image: Tecmo

Today (20th October), Hamster will release Tecmo's fighting game Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as part of its Arcade Archives collection (as spotted by NintendoEverything).

Tecmo originally released the game in arcades in Japan in 1996. It was later ported to PlayStation in 1997 with additional cutscenes, before receiving a digital release on PlayStation 3 and PSP in 2008.

The fighting game is known for its unique art style, which mixes pre-rendered 3D characters with more traditional 2D sprite work. It also notably features a 'reverse damage scaling system', which lets players inflict more damage the longer a combo continues - a bit of an oddity for the genre.

In the game, you choose from eight fighters who are all women. The story goes that they are all participating in a fighting tournament in order to decide who will inherit the powers of an archangel who has decided to visit Earth to look for a host. Some of the characters in the running include Marie, a junior high student who fights with her stuffed bear; a ninja named Kiriko; and a biker named Highway Star who settles disputes with her fists.

The game seems to be out on the Japanese storefronts already, and will hopefully land on UK and US storefronts without much of a delay! It's expected to cost £6.29/ $7.99/ €6.99 on the Switch eShop. While you wait, you can watch a video of the arcade game in action below (CW: flashing lights):

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