Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Analogue Pocket has just received another firmware update, and while this one is again focused on improving the system's openFPGA functionality for developers, there's one very important addition.

Users can finally remap buttons in openFPGA cores, which means you can get your action buttons in the exact order you prefer.

Here's the change log:


  • Added openFPGA categories toggled by the "Group openFPGA" setting (Settings > Analogue OS). Users can still quickly navigate the Categories/Platforms lists with the "Resume Browser" setting. Categories are defined in <platform>.json.
  • Added per-core button mapping via the OS for openFPGA
  • Fixed USB link menu bug


  • Added Chip32 automatic reinitialization via JTAG
  • Added Chip32 cycle limit during crash
  • Added Chip32 full instruction execution to the logging tool
  • Added logging to explain why a data slot may not have been saved
  • Added Chip32 execution halt with B button
  • Fixed Chip32 bug where HOST 4002 a second time while reloading a core would hang
  • Fixed Chip32 bug where reloading a data slot would not correctly choose the new file
  • Fixed Chip32 bug where PMP reads/writes weren't logged
  • Fixed Chip32 CORE instruction - if user reloads FPGA with a new bitstream via JTAG, the CORE instruction will be skipped
  • Fixed Chip32 LOADF instruction - now issues Host: Request Write and also respects any ADJFO parameters given
  • Fixed Chip32 XFILL to handle zero length
  • Fixed nonvolatile slot saving bug


  • Fixed “Boot to openFPGA” resume issue while docked