Image: Sega

Back in July, we wrote about a couple of Mega Drive/Genesis fans who were giving Sunset Riders the port it deserves. Now it seems two months later, that GabrielPyron, one of the two individuals on that homebrew, has teamed up with the modder Tryphon in order to pay Strider the same attention.

At first, you might be thinking, 'Does Strider on the Mega Drive/Genesis really need that much improvement?' After all, it was a pretty faithful port and it got some great reviews at the time. But looking at the results, you can definitely see some worthwhile adjustments have been made to this latest edition.

Together Pyron and Tryphon have reoptimized the color palettes and retouched some of the sprites and stages. They're also planning to restore cut content that was censored from the original arcade release, including the Amazoness sprite that was removed from the later Amazon level.

Strider was originally released in arcades in 1989. In the years that followed, it received ports to various home computers like the Atari ST, Commodore 64 and Amiga, Amstrad CPC, and PC Engine CD. It also released on consoles like the Master System and the Mega Drive/Genesis, as well as PlayStation in Japan. This latest port of the game, however, will provide players with yet another way to experience the classic action-platformer when Pyron finally releases it on

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