Capcom's PlayStation
Image: Ry-Spirit

Darren Hupke has already scored a crowdfunding hit with his 'Sony's PlayStation' book – which was an unofficial chronological visual retrospective of SCEA-published titles for the 32-bit PlayStation, in case you missed it – and now he's back with another Kickstarter campaign.

'Capcom's PlayStation' follows a similar format, charting the amazing string of commercial hits the Japanese company enjoyed on the console. However, Hupke has stated that he's been inspired by the likes of Bitmap Books' Go Straight, and intends to make this project bigger, better and more ambitious than his previous one.

It will be A4-sized and will cover around 45 different games across more than 275 pages and 750 screenshots, making it something of an epic venture for Capcom fans. Digital Foundry's John Linneman has confirmed he's contributing to the book, too – all of which has allowed the project to surge past its initial funding goal with plenty of time to spare.

If you'd like to secure your copy or simply ensure that Hupke has the funds needed to make this project even more impressive, you can pledge $10 for the digital copy or $65 for the physical book. There are higher funding levels available too if you're feeling particularly flush.

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