Dragon Quest V
Image: Square Enix

Enix's Dragon Quest V turns 30 today, which will make a great many of you feel quite old, we'd imagine.

Released in Japan on the Super Famicom on September 27th, 1992, it sold more than 1.3 million cartridges in a day, and by the close of 1993, the game had sold 3 million copies worldwide – which is no mean feat when you consider it never got a western localisation.

In fact, the game remained exclusive to Japan until 2009, when it was released (in updated form) on the Nintendo DS as Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. Prior to that, it was re-released on the PlayStation 2, but only in Japan.

In 2019, an animated film adaptation of the game, Dragon Quest: Your Story, was released by Netflix.

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