Image: GameArts

GameArts' Silpheed is fondly remembered as one of the most important Mega CD releases, thanks almost solely to its eye-catching visuals – a selling point that saw many fans cite it as Sega's answer to Nintendo's 3D blaster, Star Fox.

In reality, the real-time 3D in Silpheed was rather basic and limited mainly to the player's ship and enemies; the visually striking backgrounds were streamed from the disc and were therefore non-interactive. Even so, Silpheed is considered to be something of a classic, hence its inclusion on the upcoming Mega Drive Mini 2 mini console.

One Japanese fan is celebrating this impending release by taking a SA-77 Silpheed model kit and fusing it rather nicely with a custom-painted Mega Drive Mini (the original model).

As you can see, the combo is quite appealing, and makes us wish this was something that Sega offered in an official capacity.

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