GG Aleste 2
Image: Sega

As part of a recent Game Impact stream, the homebrew company Habit Soft announced a cool new WIP shoot 'em up for Game Gear, called Gunstream (spotted by @gosokkyu). And even more exciting, it seems to be being developed by the duo behind Compile's GG Aleste II.

GG Aleste II (or Power Strike II as it was called in Europe) is a game that was released for the Game Gear in Japan and Europe in the early '90s. It is part of the Aleste series, a group of shoot 'em up games that began with the original on the Sega Master System in 1988 and was recently made more widely available as part of the Aleste Collection (a re-release that included a brand-new game, GG Aleste III).

The video of this new game, Gunstream, only lasted for around 50 seconds but from the footage shown it looks to feature a mixture of futuristic and fantastical settings, similar to those seen in the Aleste series. In the video, we see overgrown post-apocalyptic cities, aquamarine space fleets, and Giger-esque boss fights. There also seems to be a bunch of collectable power-ups too, including shields and additional sub-ships to give you more firepower.

There's no release date yet, with the footage simply ending with a generic "Coming Soon" teaser, but hopefully we'll be able to import it with ease once it's finally available. To save you clicking through the hour-long stream to find it, here's the trailer for you to take a closer look.

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