Polymega - the console formerly known as RetroBlox - is one of the most exciting pieces of retro hardware on the horizon. Unlike other examples, it uses special modules which enable it to play a wide range of vintage games. The catch is that each of these modules has to be purchased separately, but the selection currently includes NES, SNES, Genesis / Mega Drive, PC Engine / TG-16 and even Neo Geo CD. Support for Sega CD, PC Engine CD / TG-16 CD and PlayStation will also be included.

The team behind the console has released information on what you'll get in the proposed 'Element Module' packs, and the welcome news is that each one will come bundled with its own wired controller based on the classic pads used on that particular system.


The modules will of course have ports that allow you to use your original pads, but getting your hands on these is easier said than done these days - and a pad that's had 30 years of use might not be in the best condition these days.

Polymega will be on display this year's E3, in the West Hall at booth #4100.

This article was originally published by on Tue 5th June, 2018.