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  • US 11th Jun 1986
  • EU 2nd Sep 1986
  • JP 15th Jul 1983
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Popeye Screenshot
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Popeye Screenshot

About The Game

Now you're the King of Spinach in a battle for Olive's love!

Are you ready to climb ladders, jump landings, eat spinach and punch out Brutus, Seahag and the flying Bernard? Becauase that's what it takes to win Olive Oyl's hand in marriage.

You'll score points by defeating your enemies and collecting the "love tokens" Olive drops from her window. The more you collect, the more points you'll score and the faster you'll win her love. But watch out. Around every corner lurks another jealous suitor. You'll have to think with your head as well as your heart to win this fast action love affair!

Game Features:

  • Arcade quality graphics
  • All 3 arcade game levels
  • Two difficulty settings
  • One or two player action

Can you help Popeye win Olive Oyl's heart?