Also Known As
Rockman World 5 (Japan)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • JP 22nd Jul 1994
  • US 10th Sep 1994
  • EU 10th Sep 1994

3DS eShop

  • US 22nd May 2014, $2.99
  • JP 6th Nov 2013, ¥400
  • EU 28th Aug 2014, £3.59

Nintendo Switch Online (Subscription)

  • 7th Jun 2024
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Mega Man V Screenshot
Mega Man V Screenshot
Mega Man V Screenshot
Mega Man V Screenshot
Mega Man V Screenshot

Mega Man V News

About The Game

Ready with new upgrades, Mega Man goes head-to head with an invading robot army!

After another of Dr. Wily's failed attempts at world domination, peace reigns on Earth once more. Or so it would seem...

During a peaceful stroll with his sister Roll, Mega Man is confronted by a powerful robot called Terra that drops from the sky! The enemy easily defeats Mega Man, then quickly dispatches an army of robots to conquer Earth.

Waking up in Dr. Light's laboratory, Mega Man is given a new and powerful weapon to defeat the alien invasion--the Mega Arm. Now equipped to take down his enemies, Mega Man sets off to restore peace once. Use the aid of weapon upgrades and companion assists as you blast your way through waves of robotic foes, and solve the mystery behind this alien attack!