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Hey everyone,

For some years now, we've been asked by users of Nintendo Life, Push Square and Pure Xbox if they can pay a subscription to disable adverts on our sites without having to use their adblocker.

We've finally put together our subscription offering, which essentially allows you to disable adverts (although you can leave them on if you like) and show your support with a little badge next to your username.

We're announcing it here in the forum first, as I wanted to get some initial feedback before we promote it further. We've priced our subscription at $3.99/month (or $39.99 annually, saving 17%), and one subscription applies to ALL our websites too. We wanted the monthly price to be around that of a coffee, as we felt that is a fair price for what we offer.

Find out more: use coupon 'EARLYBIRD' to get 10% off your first purchase (limited to the first 100 users).

Please Note: that whilst we're in this testing phase, only other Subscribers will be able to see your supporter badge if you have it enabled.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your feedback below,


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