Topic: What to do with ALOT of C64 cassette tapes and floppy discs

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Hi all,
So I have boxes and boxes of both tapes and floppy discs for the C64.
A lot of the tapes are compilations.
Most of the discs are, to be honest, ripped games with a menu built in to each disc.
Is there a company that would take these for archiving or able to convert them to ROMs for me or something.
I know they are just going moldy in there which is sad as I have a lot of really random games in there and don't want them to go to waste.
To be honest I have not tested them out for over 30 years so god knows if any of them still work. They have been in my fathers loft for around 20 years (nice and dry) and now are in my bunker under my house (hence the username )
Anyone got any ideas?


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If your not averse to doing it your self.
Grab yourself a kryoflux or a greaseweazle which will make exact disc images.
For the tapes you'd need a walkman or a tape deck a male to male audio cable and a free copy of audacity to make copies of the data.

Rips or not software deserves to be preserved.
Cracks and cracktro's and all.


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