Topic: What (retro) game are you currently playing?

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I usually play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Alpha 2 weekly. Those games never get old for me.

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Started playing Dr Mario+Germbuster on Wiiware on my Wii last night. My reaction time isn’t what it used to be…

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Recently stumbled upon The Lost World: Jurassic Park for Sega Genesis and am oddly compelled to see it through. I can't believe it was out in '97, three years into PlayStation and Saturn. No wonder I have no recollection of it coming out at the time.



I finally got a copy of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for my N64 so that's been taking up my time recently. Shockingly well made game. It's obvious that it took strong inspiration from Tomb Raider and Ocarina of Time but I mean that fully as a compliment. Fun puzzle designs, interesting environments, and it's even fully voiced cutscenes. I consider it a special part of my collection since the only way to get the game back in the day was either from Blockbuster or directly from the LucasArts website.


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