Developer of online freeplay games and owners of the successful Peggle brand.

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From the developer: "It all started in 2000 with John Vechey, Brian Fiete, and Jason Kapalka, who learned their trade working for Internet game companies like Flipside and Just as the Internet boom was busting, the three decided to stake their futures on creating good-lookin', simple games that folks could play on the Web. Incredibly, it worked.

Our flagship game - Bejeweled - was an instant hit. Not only did players around the world fall in love with it, it won over the hearts of the critics as well. Bejeweled was awarded Computer Gaming World's Puzzle Game of the Year award in 2001, and then was inducted into the CGW Hall of Fame in 2002. (The only puzzle game inductee since Tetris. Wow!)

PopCap's web games quickly became super popular - both on our home site and on partners such as the Microsoft Gaming Zone, Yahoo, RealOne Arcade and Shockwave. The next step was to create the Deluxe downloadable versions. It was a risky move that paid off with what CNNMoney called the "second coming of shareware."

In 2002, it was time to get serious about having fun. The three visionaries stopped working out of their houses and got a real office. The next step? Hiring some of the brilliant gaming minds they'd met in their earlier travels through the gaming world to start making crazy fun games about worms, stone frogs, fish tanks and Chuzzles.

These days, we have nearly 200 whip-smart, talented and happy employees and are steadily growing. You can find our games every which way you look: on the web, PCs, Macs, PDAs, cell phones... even mid-air with the wonders of in-flight entertainment technology."