The PC Version Of OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Just Got A Welcome Update 1
Image: Sega

OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is a fine entry in Sega's long-running arcade racing series, and the PC version of the game has just benefitted from a timely update.

As spotted by @AVGN82, the PC edition now has improved reflections, better support for controllers, support for Xbox Series impulse triggers, the ability to use your own music, improved loading times and UI scaling – as well as other fixes and tweaks, all thanks to developer emoose.

Here's a full list of what has been changed, taken from the patch readme file:


  • UI can now scale to different aspect ratios properly without stretching
  • Prevents save corruption bug when remapping controls with many dinput devices connected
  • Fixed C2C ranking scoreboards not updating on Steam and other releases due to faulty anti-piracy checks
  • Pegasus animation's clopping sound effect will now end correctly
  • Lens flare effect now loads from correct path, without needing to change game files
  • Fixed Z-buffer precision issues that caused heavy z-fighting and distant object pop-in
  • Stage objects such as traffic cones now only disappear once they're actually off-screen
  • Fixes certain effects like engine backfiring which failed to appear when using controllers
  • Text related to the now-defunct online service can be hidden


  • Built-in framelimiter to prevent the game from speeding up
  • FPS can now be partially unlocked, drawing at unlocked FPS while game runs at 60FPS tickrate
  • UI and game scene textures can be dumped & replaced
  • Allows disabling vehicle LODs, reducing the ugly pop-in as they get closer
  • Restored XInput rumble code from the Xbox release, allowing gear shifts/drifts/crashes/etc to give feedback
  • Xbox Series impulse triggers are supported and can be tweaked inside INI
  • Anisotropic filtering & transparency supersampling can be forced, greatly reducing aliasing around the edges of the track
  • Reflection rendering resolution can be increased from the default 128x128
  • Game can now run in borderless windowed mode; mouse cursor will now be hidden while game is active
  • Automatically disables DPI scaling on the game window, fixing certain scaling issues
  • Load times heavily reduced by disabling framelimiter/vsync during load screens
  • Music can now be loaded from uncompressed WAV or lossless FLAC files, if they exist with the same filename
  • Allows intro splash screens to be skipped
  • Music track can be changed mid-race via Q and E buttons, or Back/RS+Back on controller

"Since the Steam and DVD releases are packed with ancient DRM that doesn't play well with DLL wrappers, this pack includes a replacement game EXE to run the game with," says the developer of the patch. "This EXE should be compatible with both the Steam release and the original DVD version, along with most OR2006 mods."

Released in 2006 and developed by Sumo Digital, OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is an updated version of OutRun 2.