Insanely Rare Saturn Shmup Blast Wind Gets English Patch 1
Image: Technosoft

Technosoft's vertically-scrolling Saturn shmup Blast Wind has a new English language patch, thanks to CF.

Released exclusively in Japan in 1997, the game has become an incredibly rare collector's item and regularly changes hands for hundreds of dollars. It was rumoured to be coming to arcades under the title Inazuma Savior, but it seems the release was cancelled.

Technosoft is famous for developing the Thunder Force series. The company was already in financial trouble when Blast Wind was released, and would close a few years later in 2001. Its assets have since been acquired by Sega, which released Thunder Force VI in 2008.

This new patch adds English narration to the game's intro sequence, as well as a new voice actor for the leader of the evil GORN Empire.

Typos in the current English text are fixed, and the game's audio has been rebalanced to make the music louder. Finally, a 1CC guide is included as a bonus.

You can grab the patch here. Users should note that the patch is incompatible with Sega Saturn Patcher.

"A set of folders and an .xdelta file is included with the patch," explains CF. "The user need only put their vanilla ISO (in Redump format) inside the “redump_original” folder and double-click “apply_patch.bat” to experience the patch."