F-Zero On Game Boy Color? This Might Be The Closest We Get 1
Image: @user0x7f

F-Zero was a real system seller for the SNES; while you could argue that the console didn't need another 'killer app' when it had Super Mario World, the futuristic racer showed off its Mode 7 rotational prowess and arguably turned heads a lot more effectively as a result.

It's no coincidence that when the GBA launched, it had its own F-Zero, which again made excellent use of rotational effects to simulate 3D movement.

However, such graphical magic wasn't possible on the handheld's forerunner, the Game Boy Color, so it never got its own entry back in the day – but indie dev User0x7f is working on what is perhaps the next best thing.

"Want a F-Zero inspired racing game for Game Boy Color?" asks the developer. "When this post gets more than 200 likes I will make it true (for free download)!"

The game doesn't have a name, but it captures the look and feel of F-Zero pretty well, if you ask us.

"The game works in a similar way to F1 Race from Nintendo," adds User0x7f. "I have already released a F-Zero like racing game for DMG (G-ZERO) which is available on itch io. However I had the feeling it can be improved a lot. The new game will have a better 3D effect and also better physics."

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