Chasm Creator Reveals Wolfhound, A Slick-Looking Metroidvania Set During World War II 1
Image: @BitKidGames

Bit Kid, the developer behind the well-received procedurally-generated adventure Chasm, has revealed its next project.

Wolfhound is a 2D Metroidvania set during World War II. You assume the role of Capt. Chuck “Wolfhound” Rossetti, who is tasked with entering a top-secret Nazi base in the Bermuda Triangle to fight all manner of ungodly creations, including giant insects and zombies.

"Venture forth into the island, scavenging for weapons and ammo to dispatch the Axis soldiers and monsters that grow more grotesque and dangerous the further WOLFHOUND goes," reads the press release. "Unveil the sinister experiments of Dr. Steiner, and turn his tech against him. Feel the unbridled power of the railgun. Reach new heights with the jetpack. Lace up gravity boots to traverse new areas, where castles pierce the sky and crystal caverns veil wicked, fascinating mysteries."

Wolfhound won't be procedurally-generated like Chasm was, and will instead feature "a single, intricately-designed world" designed by the "artistic talent behind the Shantae series, Freedom Planet 2, and Sparklite." The soundtrack will be crafted by RushJet1 (Cave Story+, Alwa’s Legacy, PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator).

James Petruzzi, founder and lead developer at Bit Kid, had this to add:

While I’ve always been a big fan of retro games and pixel art, I really wanted to dive deep into the style of NES and 8-bit gaming. We’re aiming to be as authentic as possible, stylistically: an 8-bit color palette, 320x180 pixel resolution, and a soundtrack composed in Famitracker which has enabled homebrewers to create authentic NES music for many years.

Wolfhound is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Steam / PC and Steam Deck.