Getting a vintage console to output HDMI is one of the top priorities for many retro gamers, and to this end we've seen a wide array of external and internal solutions. The very best examples take the direct digital signal from your console, while other options – such as the Retrotink 5X – turn the analog signal into a digital one, upscaling it at the same time.

There's now another option on the market, and it's one that costs just $19. As highlighted by Macho Nacho Productions, the ElectronAnalog from Electron Shepherd takes the analog video signal from your console and turns it into something your HD TV can accept – and, because it's an internal mod, it's nice a clean, too.

"This tiny, power-packed module takes in a VGA or Component signal (depending on the version) and outputs an HDMI signal with an embedded analog or SPDIF audio front-end for use in your smallest of projects," says Electron Shepherd. "This design is a higher quality, smaller, and more efficient version of the widely available analog-to-digital modules that are available online. If you are not happy with those modules, then you will absolutely be happy with these."

The mod can be installed on the PS2, Xbox and Dreamcast, and is, by all accounts, a fairly easy job when it comes to soldering. However, it should be noted that the results, while impressive, aren't in the same league as other more expensive HDMI solutions.