Angel Pop
Image: StudioNNNN

If you've been patiently awaiting more bullet hells to be released for the Playdate, following the launch of Yoyogi Games' excellent Gun Trails last year, then you'll no doubt be excited to learn about Angel Pop — a surreal new shoot 'em up from the Tokyo-based indie developer StudioNNNN.

From what we've been able to gather from just a tiny bit of internet sleuthing, a demo of the Angel Pop was initially submitted as an entry in Grhmhome's Yellow Square Jam last October, with the full version of the game later being made available to buy as a DVD for ¥1000 (along with the soundtrack) at Comiket 103 at Tokyo Big Sight in December of the same year. StudioNNNN has recently announced, however, that it will now be bringing the game to Catalog (Playdate's curated storefront) on June 4th, meaning that anyone will be able to access the game and experience its frantic style of gameplay without the need to travel to a Japanese convention.

According to the game's trailer, it will feature 50+ levels, 30+ enemy types, and 15+ songs, as well as the capacity to show up to 1000 objects on screen at any one time. We don't have too many details about the story, but it appears that it will focus on a young girl who has been trapped in a strange dreamland, judging from the small bit of information that has been released and its trippy visuals.

You can check out the high-resolution version of the trailer here: