$150 Analogue Pocket Rival Will Use An AMOLED Screen 1
The Analogue Pocket's LTPS LCD screen is amazing, but AMOLED should offer a considerable improvement — Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Taki Udon, who is involved with the production of several new pieces of FPGA-based retro gaming hardware, has revealed that the upcoming FPGA handheld will use an AMOLED screen – giving it a considerable advantage over the Analogue Pocket, which uses an (admittedly excellent) LTPS LCD panel.

"The screen is better suited for a variety of aspect ratios, and the panel characteristics are amazing," says Taki Udon on social media. "The MSRP of the handheld should still be ~$150 or less if there is enough interest."

He has also stated that the system's D-pad will be a "non-issue", indicating that it will have a best-in-class digital pad. Twin analogue sticks will also be included, as well as front-firing speakers.

Taki Udon has shown off the screen in a recent post, but stresses that the device shown is not the FPGA-based handheld. He's also working on a flagship FPGA device, a 'mainstream' variant and a budget option.

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