The Guardian Ranks The Greatest UK Video Game Magazines Of All Time 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

UK media outlet The Guardian has ranked the 15 best UK video game magazines of all time, and Future's long-running EDGE has come out on top.

Penned by acclaimed journalist and author Keith Stuart – who has actually written for several of the publications in the list – the feature ranks some of the most beloved and influential mags of the past few decades.

The usual suspects are present and correct; Mean Machines comes in a number five, while its sister mag, C&VG, is in third place, just ahead of the iconic Super Play – but there's room for surprise inclusions, too.

The Richard Leadbetter-helmed Maximum, for example, only lasted for seven issues, yet it managed to find a small but receptive audience thanks to being filled with "detailed, rigorous articles on the key games of the era, accompanied by beautiful screenshots," as Stuart explains.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine, which was also edited by Richard Leadbetter, ranks even higher, coming in at number 12. Faced with the tricky prospect of covering a console that the UK had all but given up on, this publication delivered impeccable insight into Saturn's best games, eventually turning to Japanese imports to fill its page quota – something which made it a treasure trove for hardcore gamers.

You can see the full ranking here – let us know if you agree by posting a comment below.