Jester 1
Image: CollectorVision

Mega Cat Studios and developer CollectorVision Games have announced that they are releasing Jester in the NES and SNES in physical form.

The game is a "love letter" to Le Fou du Roi (King’s Jester), which was one of the games available on the Vidéoway cable TV system in the 1990s. This analogue interactive cable TV system was only available in Canada between 1990 and 2006.

Here's the Vidéoway original in action:

Jester takes the core concept of the Vidéoway version and brings it up to date. It's described as "a classic style maze chaser" which captures "the essence of playful mischief and strategic wit."

Here's some PR:

As the mischievous joker, your quest is simple yet thrilling: navigate perilous dungeons, collect keys, outwit guards, and secure coveted bonus items. It's a journey filled with laughter, challenges, and the thrill of classic gaming brought back to life.

Megacat is known for its unique physical editions, and Jester will be getting a unique cartridge design for this release. There's also a standard version and a SNES port.

Jester 1
Image: CollectorVision

Jean-Francois Dupuis, Co-Owner of CollectorVision Games, had this to say:

We're thrilled to share JESTER with fellow joker enthusiasts who appreciate the art of retro gaming. It's our playful ode to the classics, embodying the essence of the Videoway era in every pixel.

Jester is also available as part of the Sydney Hunter Collection on Evercade.