"Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Horror Series Sacred Line Comes To Mega Drive / Genesis 1
Image: Mega Cat Studios

Mega Cat Studios has announced that it is releasing physical versions of Sasha Darko's Sacred Line I and II for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive.

Described as "surreal and horrifying choose-your-own-adventure titles" boasting "gorgeous yet unsettling 3D-rendered visuals, clever puzzles to solve, and deep stories centered around mature themes like war crimes, religious cults, and more," the two games offer multiple endings, brain-busting puzzles and a text-based dice combat system.

Here's the synopsis for Sacred Line:

In the eerie depths of Eastern Europe, darkness shrouds the world, and Ellen, a struggling private detective, teeters on the edge of despair. With her business failing, she prepares to shutter her office for good. But just as she reaches the brink, a chilling voice from the shadows beckons her forth, leading her on a journey into the heart of terror. Drawn to a hidden forest outpost by forces unknown, Ellen embarks on a case that promises to unearth nightmares long buried.

And here's what's up in Sacred Line II:

Sacred Line 2 is a brand new adventure game for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, which serves as both a sequel and a prequel to Sacred Line Genesis.

It follows the story of Sarah, a girl with a troubled past, who was kidnapped by the religious cult Svete Namjere (“Holy Intentions”). She dies after being attacked by one of the cult members but then comes back to the world of the living aided by a mysterious force. Set in the year 1999 of an alternate reality world where Yugoslavia still exists, she tries to keep it from crumbling.

You can order both directly from Mega Cat Studios.