Multi-System Emulator RetroArch Now Available On iPhone App Store 1
Image: RetroArch

RetroArch, one of the best emulation options on the market, has been released on the iPhone App Store.

This follows the release of Delta, Gamma and several other emulators on Apple's iOS platform.

RetroArch is different from many of its rivals because it's actually a front-end rather than a self-contained emulator. It's possible to download emulator cores within RetroArch – many of which are available individually in some form or another – and configure them with universal option settings, making it one of the best one-stop solutions for retro gaming.

RetroArch has been around for years and supports a wide range of platforms, including home computers, consoles, arcade systems and handhelds.

It's also one of the most feature-rich emulator front-ends out there when it comes to settings and options; not only do you have full control over the way games look and sound, but you've got features such as save states, net play, rewinds, RetroAchievements and even latency options, such as RetroArch's 'run ahead' capability, which drastically reduces input lag.

RetroArch is available now on the App Store and requires iOS version 14.2 or above.