Anniversary: 25 Years Ago, One Of The Worst Video Games Of All Time Hit The N64 1
Image: Titus / Warner Bros.

On May 29th, 1999, one of the worst video games of all time was released.

Developed and published by Titus Interactive, Superman: The New Superman Adventures (more commonly known as Superman 64) endured a troubled development, with Warner Bros. and DC Comics constantly at loggerheads with Titus over the direction of the game.

Despite some positive press prior to its release – and decent initial sales, which some people forget about – the game was savaged by critics, coming under fire for its technical issues, shoddy controls and below-average visuals. In the years that have passed, the game has topped multiple "worst games" lists from a wide range of publications and websites.

Titus handed the game to BlueSky Software for a PS1 port, but this was scrapped in 2000 when the company's deal with Warner Bros. and DC Comics expired.

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