Anbernic Is Working On Another 1:1 Screen Handheld 1

Update: Here's our first look at the device:

Handhelds with perfectly square displays might have a limited appeal, but there are certainly a lot of them around at the moment.

We've already seen the likes of the Analogue Pocket, RG Nano and Powkiddy RGB30, and now Anbernic is adding another system to the list in the form of the recently teased RG Cube.

Back in the day, the 1:1 aspect ratio was king, finding its way onto devices like the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Neo Geo Pocket (although the Game Boy actually has a 10:9 ratio screen).

As time as gone on, we've become accustomed to seeing wider screens, kicking off with the Game Boy Advance and its 3:2 ratio display. The PSP would go one better, offering a 16:9 true widescreen panel.

However, the 1:1 ratio is making something of a comeback, at least in the realm of emulation handhelds – and we're all for it, assuming you play a lot of content from the '90s, of course.

Anbernic's aforementioned RG Nano has a perfectly square display, but is perhaps too small for most people to use for prolonged periods – so it's great news that the company is creating a larger device with a 1:1 screen.