We Really Wish This PS1 Memory Card Actually Existed 1
Image: @whoisryosuke

Memory cards are a thing of the past these days, but once upon a time, they were an essential part of gaming.

If you wanted to move your saves between machines or simply take your favourite custom character to a friend's house to play on their console, your trusty memory card made it all possible. Today, it has been replaced by standardised storage options like MicroSD cards and cloud saves that can be accessed anywhere without the need for separate physical media.

We're clearly not the only ones feeling nostalgic about memory cards, as PlayStation Senior Design Technologist Ryosuke Hana has created the following tribute in the rendering package Blender (thanks, 80 Level)

We have to admit, at one point, we actually thought that was a real memory card fashioned from glass; it's such an amazing object we're actually a little sad that it's not really real.

We recommend you check out some more of Hana's work on his Twitter page and official website. Now, if you'll forgive us, we're off to dream about a PS1 Memory Card made from diamond.

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