Mario 64
Image: Nintendo

A new Super Mario 64 fan game has just launched, which asks the question "What if you could play Mario 64... forever?"

Infinite Mario 64, as the new fan project is called, is a PC-based game that uses a plug-in by BrawMario to implement libsm64 into Godot Engine to create a randomized Super Mario 64 level generator.

As recently announced on Twitter, it is the work of TwilightPB and was just made available publicly in v.0.1. As you'll probably notice from watching the embedded video below, the game doesn't feature any enemies at present. The reason TwilightPB gives for this is that the enemy behaviour isn't included with libsm64 and would therefore need to be recreated from scratch.

Nevertheless, the game is still well worth taking a look at, as it allows players to run around freshly generated 3D environments with the Super Mario 64 move set collecting coins and attempting to reach a star randomly positioned somewhere within the level.

You can grab an early version of the game now from You'll need to place an unmodified Super Mario 64 NTSC ROM in the game directory for it to work, similar to other libsm64-based projects.

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