Froggo's Adventure
Image: @daSmellyfrog

An adorable new Frog-themed platformer, which can best be described as a mix between Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby's Adventure, & Yoshi's Island, has just been released on Steam for less than £1.

Froggo's Adventure is the latest game from the Taiwan-based developer SmellyFrog, who has prior experience releasing cute platformers starring amphibians across both and Steam. It was released yesterday (March 20th) and caught our eye thanks to a tweet from the developer, which has since generated a lot of positive attention online.

From what we've been able to find out, the game was built using pygame (a free and open-source python programming language library) and sees players travelling across 7 levels to track down a witch who has fallen from the sky.

Each level is accessed through a door from a hub world and is filled with collectibles such as coins and gems to collect. To get across these levels, players must use Froggo's tongue to swing across large gaps as well as swallow enemies and throw them at objects.

Here is the description of the game taken from Steam:

A Simple and Bite-sized retro 2D Platformer about a frog on another side-scrolling adventure.

- Stylized aesthetics heavily inspired by retro games from the early 90s
-7 different levels filled to the brim with collectables
-Slow paced and simple gameplay
-Eat bugs or Yeet bugs at other bugs to win
-Frog game

If you fancy giving the game a go, it is available now for 71p on Steam.