Felvidek Is A PS1-Style JRPG In Which You Play A Drunk Knight 1

Jozef Pavelka (AKA Brozef) has just released his JRPG Felvidek, and it's one of the most unique-looking games we've seen in quite some time.

"In Felvidek, a JRPG set in 15th century Slovakia, you embrace the role of an alcoholic knight Pavol," says the game's Steam page. "Meet diverse and interesting characters to help you drive out the Hussites and Ottomans who blight this land."

While based loosely on historical events, Felvidek takes place in an alternate timeline. "Find out what unlikely events take place in this alternate history region of Slovak Highlands," the game's description continues. "This land is ravaged by Hussite pillagers and Ottoman spies while surreal horrors dwell in the dark. It's now up to Pavol, a fair knight with alcohol problems, to gather a party and stop those who oppose our kingdom."

The premise is unique on its own, but Felvidek's amazing visuals take things to an entirely new level. It mixes PS1-style 3D with top-down 2D, as well as hand-drawn artwork and portraits – all presented in a sepia-toned aesthetic.

You'll be able to explore castles, towns and dungeons on your quest, finding secret pathways as you go. Conversing with NPCs is essential to your progression, while the turn-based RPG combat will allow you to obtain new equipment and supplies. The game is roughly two to three hours long.

If this all sounds interesting, then head over to Felvidek's Steam page. It costs £9.29.

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