Poll: What's The Best King Of Fighters Game? 1
Image: SNK

Established all the way back in 1994 – that's 30 years ago this year – SNK's King of Fighters series may not have the same global recognition as Capcom's Street Fighter franchise, but it is regarded by many as the greatest one-on-one fighting game series of all time.

Its team-based template was a revelation back in 1994, while its extensive cast of characters – some of which come from other SNK franchises, such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Ikari Warriors – is as inventive and varied as any other fighting game series you could mention.

2022's King of Fighters XV is the latest instalment in this long-running lineage and has ensured that this genre veteran remains relevant and engaging, even to modern audiences. But which entry in the series is the best? That's what this poll is going to decide.

Cast your vote below, and you'll help us create the definitive ranking for the entire King of Fighters series.