Zen Studios announced yesterday that it will be bringing a brand new expansion based on Nightdive Studios' 2023 remake of the immersive sim System Shock to its virtual pinball platforms Pinball FX and Pinball M.

This will arrive later this month on February 15th on all Pinball M platforms and Pinball FX on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games.

The expansion will include a brand new table that sees players returning to the Citadel Space Station and will feature familiar enemies like mutants, cyborgs, and robots, alongside the return of the malevolent AI SHODAN. There are also mini-playfields too, which are based on the Cyberspace Terminals as depicted in the remake.

Here is the complete list of table features, courtesy of Zen Studios:

  • Jack into the Cyberspace Terminal mini-playfield for great rewards
  • Watch out for the Cyborg Attack! If you take too long to shoot, your ball will be shot and jettisoned off your flipper
  • Shoot with precision to 'Get a Head'. Reveal a second ball by hitting the correct one out of three severed heads
  • It's a Mutant Menace! Hit all the enemies and escape by the elevator
  • Brave all perils of the table to initiate self-destruct and defeat SHODAN for good

Worth noting is that the Pinball M version of the game will be M-rated, whereas the Pinball FX edition is age-appropriate. You will only need to buy one of these to grant you access to the other.