Balls of Steel
Image: Atari

The 1997 PC game Balls of Steel has been rereleased on Steam, courtesy of Atari and Big Boat Interactive.

The game, which was originally developed by Wildfire Studios and published by Apogee Software (under its Pinball Wizard label), was previously available on the platform as part of the 3D Realms Anthology. This was a collection of Apogee and 3D Realms games released on Steam in 2014, which was later removed just one year later in 2015.

This 2024 release brings the game back to the digital storefront, adding two brand new levels and removing the Duke Nukem 3D-focused level from the original game.

There are seven playable tables featured in total, including the following:

Set on a remote space station under attack by alien creatures.
A medieval fantasy quest with a huge dragon on the table.
A mad bomber is sowing chaos in a dystopian U.S. city.
An accident in a secret science lab has unleashed a massive, slimy monster.
Devil’s Island
Forget fantasy island; this is a nightmare island with lava, deadly creatures, and voodoo.
Blast through waves of garden pests in this recreation of the Atari arcade classic.
Missile Command
Defend your city from incoming missile attacks and killer satellites.

If you fancy some pinball action, you can pick up the game now on Steam for £7.49/$8.99.