Sonic Amauter Games Expo (SAGE) off-shoot Really Amateur Games Expo (RAGE) is back this year, and the theme is Sonic Mania 2 – with a twist.

As ever, the objective here is to make a terrible game, not a good one. Entrants are encouraged to create "the stupidest, silliest, and terrible game within the theme of this year" and have two weeks to get it done – the deadline is Valentine's Day.

As ever, there are rules to adhere to:

+ No NSFW, hateful content of any kind, obviously.
+ Needs to follow the theme, at least loosely. (Have fun with it, there's a lot of freedom)
+ No spam, ad or harmful content and no messing around with people's Windows.
+ Must be done by the the deadline.
+ Using frameworks or done assets is completely fine, you can do whatever.
+ No AI usage, jokes can be made about AI, but no generative art may be used.
+ Needs to be bad.
+ Deadline is February 14th, 11:59pm PT. You have exactly two weeks to make your game, make it count.

MotorRoach will hold a live stream featuring the 'best' entries, and while a winner will be crowned, the organisers are keen to stress that no prizes will be offered – your reward will be the knowledge that you've created the worst Sonic Mania sequel imaginable.