Horace Hagfish
Image: Gregory Tice

Back in 1984, IBM introduced a new display standard for their IBM line of personal computers.

Enhanced Graphics Adapter or EGA (as it was often abbreviated) was a vast improvement over the CGA (Color Graphics Adapter) standard that was introduced earlier in 1981 and could produce up to 16 colours (at up to resolutions of 640 × 350). Among the groups that benefitted the most from its introduction were many early PC game developers who ended up embracing this brand-new technology, to create more detailed role-playing games, graphical adventures, and real-time strategy games.

In 1987, VGA (Video Graphics Array) eventually took things further, but for many, the EGA palette still has the potential to warm the cockles of one's heart, even all these years later.

So, with that in mind, you might be excited to learn that a new puzzle game has recently hit Steam called Horace Hagfish, which is meant to be a tribute to the days of EGA. The 16-color title is a Sokoban-style game where you must eat colourful meat to leave behind a trail and collect orbs in order to unlock the level's exit, all the time being careful not to mix the wrong colour and trigger a Game Over.

Here is a summary of the game's story taken from its Steam page, which is clearly quite self-referential:

"Monochromulus has broken free of the CGA nebula and extended his Proboscis-Umbilicus toward the peaceful planet of EGA… With a suction, only pure evil can muster, Monochromulus sucks up the color orbs and delicious meats of EGA. For he loathes the vibrant colors of the cosmos and intends to mix them all together and cover the universe in brown techno gravy. Only you can save the universe from a monochromatic gravy drenched future!"

Fancy giving the game a go? You can pick it up now on Steam for £5.89.

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