We're always amazed when someone takes the time to authentically recreate something from a video game in real life, and even more so, when it has something to do with one of our favourite video game series of all time: Castlevania.

So when Man At Arms: Reforged, a popular YouTube series dedicated to recreating weapons and arms from pop culture TV shows, games, and films, recently posted a new look at its incredible real-life replica of Alucard's sword on the AWE Me channel, we knew we had to cover it here.

The sword, which is an estoc-style weapon passed down through Alucard's family within the game's lore, was originally recreated back in 2019 (at a time when this site was just a glint in Hookshot Media's eye), with Man At Arms documenting the incredible process in a 14-minute video that has since racked up over 3 million views over on YouTube.

Recently, however, Kerry Stagmer, one of the hosts of the channel, decided to revisit the blade, following an "explosion of views" in the aftermath of Castlevania: Nocturne, reflecting on the intricate work that he and the fellow blacksmiths Ilya Alekseyev, Bill Collison and Matt Stagmer did to reproduce the iconic weapon.

At the end of the video, Kerry Stagmer announced that Baltimore Knife and Sword β€” the Blacksmith company behind the show β€” would start selling replicas in the future, though slightly altered as they do not own the rights obviously to the original design.

This has led some to humourously suggest that they should call the blade the Alucart Heirloom Sword instead β€” a reference to a similar yet significantly weaker sword that Alucard can wield in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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