Evercade maker Blaze has some good news – it's been able to bring forward the release of its final cartridges of 2023.

The dual-cart releases Goodboy Galaxy / Witch n' Wiz and Demons of Asteborg / Astebros will now launch on November 28th, 2023 – well in time for Christmas. That's the same day that both Evercade Duke Nukem collections go on sale.

They join Full Void (and Full Void Special Edition) and Home Computer Heroes Collection 1, which also launch this month: November 14th, to be precise. Both carts were originally expected to launch in October.

Also on the 14th, Blaze launches its Super Pocket series of handhelds via its Hyper Mega Tech line. Available in Taito and Capcom flavours, both of these budget options run Evercade cartridges.

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