Anbernic RG ARC
Image: Anbernic

Update [Tue 7th Nov, 2023 12:00 GMT]: We now have pricing and release date information for Anbernic's RG ARC handheld (thanks, Retro Resolve).


  • 16GB: $89.99
  • 16GB and 128GB: $104.99
  • 16GB and 256GB: $119.99


  • 16GB: $69.99
  • 16GB and 128GB: $84.99
  • 16GB and 256GB: $99.99

The pre-sale page for the Anbernic RG ARC says shipping is due to start on November 20th, 2023.

Original Story [Tue 24th Oct, 2023 15:30 BST]: Anbernic has just teased a new handheld emulation device that appears to be modelled after the iconic Sega Saturn controller – right down to the rolling D-pad and button layout.

Anbernic RG ARC
Image: Anbernic

Dubbed the RG ARC, the device is unique in that it has six face buttons, which will make it perfect for one-on-one fighting games. As you can see in the video below, it is shown playing many examples of the genre, including Darkstalkers and Street Fighter II.

It looks like it will be available in four colours across two variants. The RG ARC-D will dual-boot into Android and Linux OS, while the RG ARC-S will only offer Linux.

Anbernic RG ARC
Image: Anbernic

The Saturn's Japanese pad is famous for being perfect for fighting games thanks to its six-button setup and rolling D-pad. The Western version of the console came with a remodelled, slightly larger controller, but this was wisely abandoned by the time Sega released the revised MK2 version of the console, which came bundled with the same pad as the Japanese system.