Sam & Max Hit The Road
Image: LucasArts

Sam & Max: Hit the Road, one of LucasArts' most beloved point-and-click adventures, is 30 years old this month (thanks, @Bhaal_Spawn).

Based on Steve Purcell's anthropomorphic detective duo, the game launched on MS-DOS in November 1993 (we can't seem to find the exact date, unfortunately). It would come to Apple Mac two years later.

Hailed as a humourous classic upon release, the game is loosely based on the "On the Road" comic book and sees the two characters journey across America in search of a missing bigfoot. Sam & Max Hit the Road uses LucasArts' famous SCUMM adventure game engine, as well as its interactive music engine, iMUSE.

The game would get a CD-ROM release with full voice acting, with Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson providing the voices of Sam and Max, respectively.

While the Sam & Max video game series has continued over the years, the 1993 original remains the high point. It can be downloaded on both GOG and Steam.