Suikoden III
Image: Konami

While Konami has been hard at work remastering Suikoden I & II for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows, it appears that one dedicated fan of the series has also been busy giving Suikoden III a bit of care and attention too, in the form of a new HD remaster.

The news comes courtesy of the publication Wccftech which recently spotted a couple of videos from the modder 1vierock showing off some before and after screenshots of the PS2 role-playing game as well as some bonus gameplay footage demonstrating the patch in action.

The remaster sees 1vierock replacing many of the game's textures with higher-quality versions, but as you'll see from the comparisons below, the changes are quite subtle and don't necessarily detract from the original's art direction.

Sadly, no release date has been announced for the remaster just yet, but we'll try to keep you posted once we know more. For now, you can watch 1vierock's videos below and let us know what you think of the new fan remaster in the comments. Do you see yourself checking it out? Let us know!

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