When a game has been out for over 28 years, it's easy for us to believe that we've encountered every easter egg and every secret it has to find, but, every so often, something will crop up that catches even the biggest fans unaware before causing a ton of excitement within its respective community. Such is the case with NBA Jam Tournament Edition for the Sega Saturn.

As recently discovered by the Saturn patcher Malenko (and reported by Sega Saturn Shiro), two previously undocumented characters have been hiding inside the game for over 28 years. These include a playable version of Tim Kitzrow, the charismatic announcer of NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and MLB Slugfest, and another character called "Fox".

According to Sega Saturn Shiro, Malenko apparently discovered the characters, while digging through the game's hex code. They are believed to be exclusive to the Sega Saturn version and are unlocked on the name entry screen by holding L and R and entering the following:

"Tim Kitzrow: KIT – June 8
Fox: FOX – Aug 3

Following the announcement, Tim Kitzrow responded to the news on Twitter, saying he didn't even know about his inclusion. He then retweeted a post from the YouTuber PandaMoniumGR, which read "One of the things I really love about NBA Jam is that its history and secrets are constantly unraveling. We will never reach the end, always discovering new things about it all the time."

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