Update [Mon 2nd Oct, 2023 09:00 BST]: A new trailer has been released for Black Finger Jet, which you can view below.

Update [Fri 18th Aug, 2023 10:45 BST]: Another former Irem/Nazca/SNK veteran has joined the Black Finger JET team.

Kuichin worked on Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X and Metal Slug 3, as well as In the Hunt and Neo Turf Masters.

Furthermore, Shinichi Hamada – programmer for Metal Slug under the pseudonym "Hamachan" – has revealed he has joined the team, too.

Original Story [Mon 15th May, 2023 11:35 BST]: Several former Irem and Nazca team members have just announced a new run-and-gun game by the title of Black Finger JET.

Designer Akio, composer Hiya! and planner Meeher – all of whom worked on Metal Slug during their time at Irem breakaway studio Nazca – are confirmed to be working on the new title.

The newly-formed company is called KOHACHI STUDIO Co., Ltd, and Black Finger JET is currently confirmed as coming to Steam. We've got a teaser trailer and some concept art, but no final screenshots as yet.

Here's some more detail from the game's Steam page:

Black Finger JET is a Run&Gun game.
This is a completely new game from a team that has released many action shooting games.

An old-fashioned, easy-to-understand story. The feel of an old-fashioned game.
A simple and exhilarating action shooter again!
That is "Black Finger JET"!

*The following information is currently under development and is subject to change without notice.

"Black Finger JET" is a Run&Gun game based on the good old 8-way aiming gun action.

Depending on the situation, use various guns such as handguns, machine guns, shotguns, and sometimes ride the proud vehicle "JET car" and defeat the enemies that rush!

A versatile and perfect vehicle, the JET car transforms into an airplane, sometimes a submarine, as well as ground battles!

A great adventure on a variety of stages created by it is waiting for you!

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