City Connection and Clear River Games have announced that they are creating a sequel to Jaleco's Rushing Beat / Brawl Brothers / Rival Turf series, called Rushing Beat X: Return of Brawl Brothers.

It's due for release in 2024. No platforms have been confirmed as yet, but a Switch version is highly likely.

Here's some PR:

Clear River Games, a video game publisher specialising in classic and retro games and part of Embracer Freemode, today announced RUSHING BEAT X: Return of Brawl Brothers, a brand-new episode in the legendary RUSHING BEAT franchise!

Better known to western audiences as ‘Rival Turf’, RUSHING BEAT was originally developed by Jaleco, with City Connection now leading development after they acquired rights to all Jaleco IP. RUSHING BEAT has been scratching the brawler itch of gamers since 1992 when the game first appeared on the Super Nintendo® Entertainment System. Now, more than thirty years later, ‘The Peace Keepers’ are back as the franchise is reborn for modern consoles!

Armed with a new fighting system allowing for a greater range of attack strategies and techniques, RUSHING BEAT X: Return of Brawl Brothers sees up to six playable characters take to the mean streets of Neo-Cisco as they battle to uncover the secrets of the odious Zeekus virus, and fight to discover what occurred on the mysterious island found floating above Neo-Cisco bay.

The Neo-Cisco heroes Rick Norton and Douglas Bild return to settle some scores, joined by new character Kahlua, a trainee working at Rick’s gym. More character details will be announced in due course, but gamers will have a huge array of new weapons, moves and skills at their disposal in this new instalment of the much-loved fighting franchise. Launch an aerial combo to clear the ground of enemies, throw your opponent to clear the path ahead, or activate Rage Mode if you take too much damage, giving you a brief burst of over-the-top power to even the odds!

RUSHING BEAT X: Return of Brawl Brothers is expected to be released in 2024 and will be published by Clear River Games across North America and the EU.

Rushing Beat began life on the SNES in 1992, and was localised for North America as Rival Turf! in the same year. The sequel, Rushing Beat Ran — Fukusei Toshi (1992), was released in the West as Brawl Brothers in 1993, while the third game, Rushing Beat Shura (1993), came to North America under the title The Peace Keepers in 1994. Phew!

City Connection will also be showing off Assault Suit Leynos 2 and Formation Z at TGS 2023.

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